Q: How did the idea of creating this weblog grow?

A: Basically, I decided to create this weblog after I'd realised that there is not a single trace left of all the great concerts I have attended during the last 10 years: the only remaining proof are the tickets that I have meticulously kept and my fading memories...


Therefore, I came up with the idea of publishing reviews and pictures of the concerts I attend on a weblog, hoping of course that those might prove to be of interest to other people as well.

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Q: Where does that peculiar name come from?

A: Ad Mortem Festinamus means "We party till we die". My favourite way of partying happens to be going to concerts. This Latin phrase is not the fruit of my imagination, though. It's the title of a song by one of my favourite bands: Qntal. I hope they don't mind my borrowing it, for I think it reflects exactly what this website is all about.

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Q: What is the purpose of Ad Mortem Festinamus?

A: Ad Mortem Festinamus wants to introduce people to types of music that otherwise might have remained unknown to them, and as the saying goes: unknown, unloved... It seeks to promote gothic and folk music or any other kind of “alternative” music. It's a thin line between those different types of music.

I'm sure that fans of Celtic artists like Loreena McKennitt will enjoy the medieval-inspired band Qntal, and vice versa. And people who adore bagpipe music, might enjoy Saltatio Mortis, Corvus Corax and Tanzwut. Moreover, folk adepts who adore throwing a party, might also enjoy the "Monkipunk" of Boo!. And people who are into dance music, might like EBM music, future pop and electro, such as VNV Nation or God Module.


I hope Ad Mortem Festinamus will succeed in encouraging people to cross borders...

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Q: What is a weblog/blog?

A: A blog is a web page made up of frequently updated posts that are arranged chronologically. This means you can find the most recent posts on top of the page, while older posts disappear in an archive.

This implies that it might be difficult to find your way on a weblog, but I'll do the best I can to organize the reviews, pictures and announcements chronologically in the left and right columns of the screen. Moreover, I created a "start page" where I've classified the reviews alphabetically and where you can find some other useful links.

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Q: How can I add a comment?

A: I'd be glad if you also shared your opinion with us! All you have to do is click the link "Comments" under the review in question.

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Q: How can I send an e-card?

A: Proceed as follows to send an e-card:


1. Open a photo album either by clicking a link under the section "Pics & e-cards" or by clicking "More pictures? View Slideshow? Send e-card?".

2. In the left frame, click the thumbnail of the picture that you want to send.

3. In the right frame, click the link "Digital Card".

4. Fill in the form.

5. Send your card!

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Q: How can I link to a certain review?

A: Click the little yellow square placed just before the review's title. Wait a few moments until the exact link to the review is displayed in the address bar. Copy that link!

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Q: Who are the people behind Ad Mortem Festinamus?

Creator: Julie Haelemeersch
Occasional reviewers:
Anouschka Defraeye
Jan Lissens

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